“VR is just another tool to tell stories and I’m guessing that’s why everyone is in this room because (stories) are something you’re passionate about,” said Jenna Pirog, from New York Times Magazine. “This is the new tool for the toolbox. Photo, video, VR.”

This panel and the audience agreed that 360 video is here and growing, but there seemed to be less certainty about distribution, consumption and packaging that content with other news elements.

Panelist Jessica Lauretti, from HuffPost Ryot, said the storytelling style must be much slower to allow time for the user to consume the content all around them at their own pace. (Personally, I’m concerned about going too slowly)

Lauretti and James Pallot, of Emblematic, both suggested that the simulation of presence in a story will help viewers to feel empathy and motivate them to get involved in an issue.

For my own concern, I asked what they would do given our low-resource but must-produce environment. They suggested finding champions for the technology and encouraging those people to experiment. If only it was as easy to do as to say.