For an organization that invites us to share EVERYTHING but seems to rarely share about itself, I thought the headline for this keynote was an interesting choice.

In this case, the “insights” from the first portion of the conversation was based largely on notes about what users are already doing. Toward the end, however, Facebook’s Fidji Simo was pushed to answer some questions about the future.

She emphasized 360 video, a mid-roll ad option being tested for Facebook live, and suggested that live/video would only continue to grow. Across all of those, she emphasized a focus on creating immersive experiences.

“Live isn’t new, we haven’t invented live. what we’ve tried to do is bring the audience engagement as a part of the live broadcast,” said Facebook’s Simo.

Simo said that Facebook Live is getting pinned comments and broadcaster roles for reporters. Scheduled live streams are coming next month, she added.

The interviewer, CNN’s Samantha Barry, did a good job at pushing Simo toward those focal points on the future. She also said that some of their success at CNN was achieved at the expense of referrals to the CNN sites, although Simo had previously said there was a limited impact on publishers’ and frequently emphasized that Facebook wants publishers to be successful — of course they do!

“We think its really important that you be able to sustain your subscription businesses,” Simo said.
But it still seems to be a delicate balancing on the head of a pin.