If you ask me, the break-out part of the local session wasn’t the conversation (which was good) or the suggested strategies (which were few, but present). The big success was the turnout!

The panel, consisting of KUSA’s Misty Montano and The Denver Post’s Molly Hughes and moderated by Scripps’ Chip Mahaney, shared some video samples.  Montano focused on letting her TV photographers produce video essays for OTT (Over The Top) delivery online and through platforms like Roku. Hughes set the room on fire by sharing a marijuana cooking video from the Post’s Cannabist sub-brand.

But most importantly, the turnout outnumbered the available chairs in the room. Whereas Mahaney had expected a small campfire fairytales turnout, the group his panel gathered showed ONA that there is a large and engaged subset of members who want to partake in programming geared toward them.