These collected links come from Profs. Robert Hernandez of USC and Dan Pacheco of Syracuse. I’ve spent time with them and with Google reps who are also working on 360 video.

I’ve come to see that our 360 app integration is one area where we are far ahead of any similar competitors. Quality of the player, however, is significantly lower than the ideal that the national players like NYT uses.

Googlers were impressed by our efforts so far and the way we’ve maximized our existing talent for on camera stand-ups to simplify the storytelling process. The professors both pushed toward VR (I got to try Hololens and Vive) as an eventual replacement for 360, but made good suggestions in the meantime.

  • Mic reporter, keep camera stationary as they move around and unite audio later.
  • “People will forgive bad video but not bad audio”
  • Don’t put the camera in places where people wouldn’t normally be. Consider a seat at the table instead of at the center. That’s more natural for the experience.
  • Use audio track cues to tell people where to look
  • Use doorways for cuts. Or cover the camera.